We are an Indianapolis-based company specializing in residential, business, and construction cleaning and organizing services.


…we specialize in making you feel special. We do not have a list of things we do, you make the list. It is your home and you know best. we will sit down and figure out a cleaning plan that helps you the most. If clean sheets are important to you, we change the sheets. If baseboards are the thing you never have time for, we will take care of that. If you do not want to think about cleaning at all, we can set up a basic cleaning plan with time for extras every once in awhile. If you just want help once a month for all the deeper cleaning projects that never seem to get done, we can help. We can even clean out that linen closet so you can find what you need without wasting time. Everyone is different, so lets talk and find out how to promote a stress free, healthier environment for you and your family.

We also are different in that you will meet the person who will be entrusted to help you maintain your home and that same person or persons will come every time. If ever you do not feel comfortable with that person, a new one will be assigned. As the owner, I Cindy will personally try to choose the best person for you and your situation. I will also be communicating with you on a regular basis to make sure that you are satisfied with our services.


…let us help your business image be better with an environment that is clean, healthy and inviting. A clean business tells clients that you care and are competent. We will dust and vacuum (including baseboards). Wipe off surface areas as needed. Clean and disinfect bathrooms and kitchen areas. Empty trash. We will take care of your business, office, store so that you can concentrate on your clients.

Construction Cleaning

…we will make sure that the area is clean and ready for your client to set up business. We will dust and vacuum as needed, including vents, door frames …etc. We will make sure the windows are clean. We will clean and disinfect all bathroom and kitchen areas. All light fixtures will be sparkling and ready for use. Basically we will make the new area look great!!!



…first of all I have seen it all and I do not “judge” you by your house!! I have raised 6 children and we have had our share of messes!!! BUT I can help you get back some peace of mind and actually gain time, in that you will be able to FIND things and have more FREE time to do what you want to do. Sometimes it just helps to have “someone” by your side to say, ” when was the last time you wore those bell bottom pants?” If you haven’t used “this” in the last 2 years let’s give it to someone who can use it and then you will have more space and more sanity!! Sometimes we are just too overwhelmed to know where to begin. I can HELP. You might just need help with the garage or maybe a storage closet, you know the last place you put things that you cant part with but never use!!I can help!! let’s talk…call me!


…whether you are moving to a new space or setting up a new business. I CAN HELP. We can figure out together what would be the best use of the space to get the most out of it. Maybe you have new things that need to be stored and organized so your employees can find everything and use their time wisely. I can help!

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